Our Story 
It all started with a blue t-shirt. That’s our very first product and we have made it our own signature. 

TheBlueTshirt was founded in the heart of Saigon in 2013 with the vision to create a revolution in smart casual fashion for Vietnamese. 

We desire to build a community where women can shop and share their experience on tees, jeans, dresses, and especially, their interest in Vietnamese traditional-made products. 

Our Philosophy (3C): 
The philosophy extends to everything we believe and everything we do.

At TheBlueTshirt, all decisions and actions are motivated from  "Customer Experience" - Customer Experience.
TheBlueTshirt listens, understands, and constantly searches for what customers really need, in order to offer the best fashion experience. All products of TheBlueTshirt are created based on the "Customer Experience" with modern and dynamic designs, along with our enthusiasm for the whole production process.

The design process of TheBlueTshirt starts from putting ourselves in customers’ shoes to figure out what the customers really want to wear. From then, we create fashion designs and search for high-quality fabrics to deliver to our beloved customers highly applicable, comfortable, and delicate fashion products. 

Understanding that confidence originates from self-love, like loving what you do or what you choose, TheBlueTshirt has unceasingly put efforts into creating products that women, no matter how different their body shapes are, could be well-fitted and feel comfortable in their clothes.


TheBlueTshirt - Making women feel confident in who they are.